Cell2Cure, as part of the consortium Clinical Stem cell Innovation and production Center, CSIC, receives funding from Innovation Fund Denmark. CSIC embraces late-stage development of ASCs – it aims to mature process knowledge and product quality as a prerequisite for production up-scale; it will expand product portfolio and down-stream processing, improve the scientific rationale and complete a clinical dose titrating study in 30 patients having a lung transplantation, while identifying a feasible regulatory strategy addressing safety, quality and efficacy.

In short, the Center prepares stem cell therapy for pivotal trials, investments, and final market access, bringing stem cells the last important steps to the market and to actually being used by health care systems, for the benefit of patient’s worldwide. Consortium partners are University Hospital Copenhagen, Sexton Biotechnologies, University of Copenhagen and Cell2Cure and received 25 million DKK in funding.