In Europe, approximately 30 million people suffer from blindness and visual impairment. Rare Eye Diseases are a major cause that can result in blindness in children and young adults and affect adults and the ageing population. Current management is expensive, has low efficacy, and significant side effects.

The consortium – RESTORE VISION – aims to address this clinical need by formulating novel treatments and repurposed drugs that have been validated in different disease indications (Home – Restore vision).

The project will target seven rare eye diseases: aniridia-associated keratopathy; neurotrophic keratopathy; limbal stem cell deficiency; ocular cicatricial pemphigoid; EEC syndrome; ocular graft versus host disease; and corneal neovascularisation.

Cell2Cure participate in the consortium with the patented cell product adipose tissue derived mesenchymal stromal cells from healthy donors (C2C_ASC) and our expertise within conduction of clinical trials.
The C2C_ASC will be tested in a clinical trial as an immunosuppressive treatment in patients with ocular graft versus host disease.