Patient with severe terminal lung disease may ultimately be treated with a donor lung transplantation.
However, transplantation of a lung from another person elicits a strong immunologic reaction by the recipient towards the transplanted donor lung.

In the worst case, the donor lung is rejected by the patient and the patient may die.

To avoid or reduce an immediate immunologic reaction towards the donor lung the first days after transplantation, patients have, in a randomized doble-blinded clinical trial, been treated with Cell2Cures products dosed at either 100 million ASCs, 200 million ASCs – or placebo, within two hours after transplantation. The aim of the trial is to obtain a significant beneficial clinical effect linked to ASCs ability to modulate the patients immunological and inflammatory response.

The last of the 30 patients was enrolled and treated 13th April 2023. It is expected that the read-out from the entire clinical trial will be ready within the next 6 months.